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This page is for those looking to gain some information and much needed answers to those questions about BYP.  If you can't find a question from the list below send us a message from the contact page and we will not only get back to you but will list it for others to read!

Question's and Information

Where do BYP rehearse? And what times?

BYP rehearse most Sundays at the St Michaels Church hall, Tilehurst in Reading.  We find this to be the best place to be as it has adequate parking and facilities for us and best of all it is easy to get to.  Normal times are 11am until 2.30pm but sometimes changes.                                                                                               

I am too shy to be on the stage, is there anything else I can do?

There is more to theatre work than just acting, singing or dancing on the stage.  There are a hundred and one jobs that need doing.  To list a few you could be involved in Props, Sound, Lighting, Fundraising, Front-of-house, there is loads you can be involved with.  Come along to an audition day or send us a message from the contact page and we can suit you to a job you would be happy with.  We aim to give everyone a go at anything they fancy, some of our cast have even started to direct their own shows the possibilities are endless!                                                                                                               

How much does it cost?  And why do I have to pay?

We do charge a yearly membership fee of £60 together with a show levy of £40 per show.  This fee is not for profit but to cover licenses and various other costs that is needed to be in place for you to be a part of a theatre group.  Unfortunately BYP cannot afford to let you join completely free of charge otherwise we would not get any shows off the ground.  We do have an offer on the show levy, download further details here.

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