Welcome to the BYP history.  This is your link to the details from all of our shows.  This area is updated after each of our shows, so keep checking back for more BYP shows.  Have a look at the fun we have at BYP!

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Past shows

Our House....IN PRODUCTION February 2017  
Rock of Ages February 2016  
Footloose September 2015  
Night at the Movies June 2015  
Fame - The Musical January 2015  
Snow White & the Fairy tale creatures January 2014  
Santas Christmas Pirates December 2013  
First Assignment May 2013  
And now for something different (variety) June 2012  
The Snow Queen January 2012  
The Dress rehearsahl May 2011  
Beauty & the Beast (mini show) February 2011  
Alice in Wonderland January 2011  
St Trinians May 2010  
Crystal Slippers January 2010  
Ten Friends, One Vision May 2009  
Ali and the Mermaid (Pantomime) January 2009  
Scrooge (Mini show) December 2008  
First Assignment May 2008  
My Talent, My Way (Mini show) April 2008  
Snow White (Pantomime) January 2008  
Journey through Pantoland (Mini show) December 2007  
Old time musical (Mini show) June 2007  
Cocktails & Dreams May 2007  
Cinderella January 2007  
Christmas Gift (Mini Show ) December 2006  
Musical Time Machine May 2006  
Aladdin (Pantomime) January 2006  
Anniversary Variety Show May 2005  
Beauty & the Beast (Pantomime)   January 2005  
The Wiz May 2004  
Sleeping Beauty (Pantomime)   January 2004  
Summer Madness Variety June 2003  
Robin Hood (Pantomime) January 2003  
Jubilee Variety Show May 2002  
Treasure Island (Pantomime) February 2002  
End of the Pier Variety Show   June 2001    
Puss In Boots (Pantomime)  February 2001  
Millennium Variety Show  June 2000  


Auditions & Casting information

OUR HOUSE screening & catch up

Dates:     Saturday 30th July 2016
Venue:    St Michaels Hall, Tilehurst

                    Bring your own popcorn!

OUR HOUSE 2016 Auditions

Dates:      Sunday 4th Sept / 1.30pm - 5pm
                   Sunday 11th Sept / 1.30pm - 5pm

Venue:    St Michaels Hall, Tilehurst

OUR HOUSE February 2017


1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th February 2017 //7.30pm

Venue:    Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames














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